Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Good Ol Stuff, Part 2. Guides for new Interns

It's June, and that means as a set of veteran residents cast off into becoming independent physicians, a whole new set of 4th year medical students are anxiously getting ready to begin their journey.

So gather your belongings, hug and kiss all your loved ones and get ready to take the plunge.
You are about to become a real doctor.

Here are 2 posts from last year, to help you interns get ready.

The first one, is from a former colleague at Stony Brook School of Medicine.
A terrific doctor, blogger and social media aficionado,  Dr. Garcia published this great article on Medscape!

The " July Effect " Tips for New Interns

This second post, was written by yours truly!

The Calm before the storm. Tips for New Interns

Hope you enjoy reading both and find it helpful!
Good luck newbies :-)


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